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Granite to Go / Kitchen Accomplished! is an authorized KraftMaid® Dealer


KraftMaid Vantage – A new standard of excellence in cabinetry available exclusively at Granite to Go/ Kitchen Accomplished, a KraftMaid® dealer. Our experts at Granite to Go/ Kitchen Accomplished! have great ideas and inspiration, and can guide you through every step of creating your space.When you work with an independent KraftMaid designer, you get all the doors, finishes and products you love, plus these exclusive benefits:

Modified Height or Width

Modified Heights and Widths

Get the ultimate in design flexibility with custom modifications to 1/16″. This means less “fillers” when working in unique or tight spaces. You can only get modified heights and widths at an Independent KraftMaid Showroom.



All-Plywood Construction

All-Plywood Construction

“Built-in value” takes on a whole new meaning because all-plywood construction comes standard, something other manufacturers and stores charge extra for. Because this better-built box is standard, you get more design upgrades at a lower cost based on door styles and finish options selected.



Matching Interiors

Matching Interiors

When you order glass or wood inserts, a matching interior comes standard to ensure your personality carries through to visible cabinet interiors.




DuraKraft Finishing Process

  • All KraftMaid wood doors and drawer fronts receive KraftMaid’s DuraKraft furniture finishing process, resulting in one of the finest finishes available in the industry.
  • First, door and drawer front surfaces are machine and hand sanded and then vacuumed to eliminate all dust particles in preparation for staining.
  • Special stains are applied to balance the base color of the wood to establish a consistent color uniformity.
  • Next, deep penetrating stain is hand-sprayed and hand-rubbed to reveal the hidden beauty of the grain.
  • Doors and drawer fronts are then air-dried before receiving distressing or glazing for some specialty finishes.
  • KraftMaid’s specially formulated wood sealer is applied with pressure and is then oven-cured.
  • Again, all surfaces are hand-sanded, providing a smooth consistent surface to prepare for a stain topcoat.
  • Environmentally safe, exclusive DuraKraft topcoat is applied to the surface. The DuraKraft topcoat is a custom, oven-baked finish that extends the original color and clarity of the wood while standing up to everyday wear and tear.
  • Finished doors and drawer fronts are then staged for transportation to the assembly line to meet up with cabinet components.